José Antonio Carrillo



José Antonio Carrillo (University of Oxford)

Cell-cell Adhesion micro-and macroscopic models via Aggregation-Diffusion systems

We discuss microscopic and continuum cell-cell adhesion models and their derivation based on the underlying microscopic assumptions. We analyse the behavior of these models at the microscopic level based on the concept of H-stability of the interaction potential. We will derive these macroscopic limits via mean-field assumptions. We propose an improvement on these models leading to sharp fronts and intermingling invasion fronts between different cell type populations. The model is based on basic principles of localized repulsion and nonlocal attraction due to adhesion forces at the microscopic level. The new model is able to capture both qualitatively and quantitatively experiments by Katsunuma et al. (2016) [J. Cell Biol. 212(5), pp. 561–575]. We also review some of the applications of these models in other areas of tissue growth in developmental biology. We will analyse the mathematical properties of the resulting aggregation-diffusion and reaction-diffusion systems based on variational tools. We will discuss the numerical methods used for their simulation in the discussion sessions.